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Greater is Now

So many of us are waiting for the perfect time, moment or place to begin to live our lives to the fullest. However, I am here to tell you that there is no greater time than now. Procrastination disguised as perfect timing is the easiest way to cultivate a fear filled life. Do not miss your purpose waiting on perfect timing. I have been waiting for the perfect time to do the website for Unbroken. But suddenly the opportunity of a lifetime arose and I needed a website to display all the hard work my team and I have been putting in. So I had two options--either wait for the perfect web forum, designer, and budget or seize the moment. So on this Super Bowl Sunday while many people are preparing for one of the biggest events of the year. I called a last minute meeting and pulled my team together for our first big event of the year. We created this beautiful website for those whom we serve at Unbroken, LLC. This is the New home of Unbroken. Come on in and stay awhile.

-With Love,

Crystal Danielle

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