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My Peace is Non-Negotiable!

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Our PEACE is not a negotiable factor. It is a required foundational element of self-love. Peace is freedom from disturbing or oppressive thoughts and emotions. Imagine living without negative chatter from within or without. Envision being surrounded by encouragement that is not contingent upon your ability to produce, but simply a celebration of your existence. That is the place where you are safe to dream, to fail, or to soar above any expectations. Peace is where we go to recharge, reflect, and recover.

Opinions of people who feel compelled to dump on us their version of the truth about us are potential peace destroying stumbling blocks that are disguised as unsolicited advice. Social media and warped societal norms violate our peace through comparison. Overwhelming fear cripples the very idea of our peace.

So now that we have established that peace is a must for each us how do we demand it? Let's begin by asking ourselves what a life without disturbing and oppressive thoughts and emotions looks like. Now that we have a vision of what PEACE is we must explore what areas of our lives contradict that vision. Then we take action by making space internally and externally only for things that serve that vision. This includes removing bad relationships, contradictory behaviors, toxic situations and negative self talk. You will have to face your own demons, you may lose some relationships, you may even have to pass on certain opportunities, but in the end you will gain PEACE. Since peace is where we go to recharge, reflect, and recover, we will gain more than we lose!

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