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Pushed To Purpose

Today’s post oddly enough was inspired by my chicken Gertrude. Yes, I am a girl from the Bronx who lives in Hampton Roads and has a chicken coop. I know, these are words I never thought I would be saying. As I literally laugh out loud I have learned more from these four chickens than some of the humans in my life. Earlier this week my husband and I were worried because Gert had not left her nesting box in three days. We called some family friends and they explained that Gertrude was trying to hatch the eggs. They said we would need to push her off of the eggs. Ok before you call PETA, we did not hurt her nor had any intentions of doing so. The problem is, we do not own a rooster so there was no way for any of these eggs to hatch. Gert used to live on a farm where I am sure she hatched many baby chicks. However, in her new place this is not the case. She was determined to give life in a dead place.

At 6 a.m. Tuesday morning my husband and I went to the nesting box and at first we tried talking Gertrude down explaining that the eggs would not hatch; she is a chicken and could care less, so of course she didn’t move. Then we banged the box hoping she would get scared and run. We opened the nesting box and she didn’t move. We were forced to push Gert off the eggs. She pecked us, turned in a circle, pushed against us, and I am sure cussed us out in chicken bawks. Then finally I shoved her and she was removed exposing four eggs. We felt bad for pushing Gertrude but at the same time we were relieved. She was on day four without food, water, exercise or socialization.

When I returned home for lunch I saw Gertrude out in the sun eating worm snacks and running in and out of the coop with her chicken sisters. At that moment I realized that in life sometimes we have to be PUSHED to achieve our life’s purpose. Many times we get caught up in what we have planned or what was successful in the past and we refuse to change. We fight tooth and nail to remain stuck in places where our vision, souls, and very beings are dying. Two years ago when I was in a traumatic car accident I had no idea Unbroken was inside of me. However, for years I knew I was called to more than everyday life. It was not until I experienced the healing process as a result of the accident that it become clear that I was called to show others that they are greater than the sum of their broken pieces. I am now able to give others the tools they need to succeed and rise above adversity and pain to achieve the best version of themselves. I find great joy, peace, and healing in living out my purpose. So when you are initially pushed from your comfort zone, instead of fighting to stay in it, ask yourself, what is the lesson here? What am I supposed to see in this situation? Once it is revealed to you, begin to move in the direction that will catapult you to succeed in your purpose.

-Crystal Danielle

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