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All About
Crystal Danielle

CEO/ Life Design

Born and raised in the vibrant streets of Bronx, NY, Crystal Danielle Ford's journey is one of resilience, faith, and triumph. Raised by a single mother, she was taught to be strong, smart, independent, and outspoken. In her youth, she discovered her passion for writing and public speaking, captivating audiences with her poetry throughout New York City.

Becoming a single mom at a young age and losing her mother to cancer tested Crystal's strength. Despite the challenges, she persevered, doing whatever was necessary to provide for her family. Enduring an abusive relationship in 2009 pushed her to her breaking point. It was in that dark moment that she turned to prayer, vowing to dedicate her life to God if she found a way out. With faith as her guide, Crystal escaped the abusive situation and found support from newfound friends who became her family.

As Crystal's confidence and faith grew, she returned to school, pursued a career in Information Governance, and dedicated herself to giving back to her community through various projects. However, her passion for writing and speaking persisted. In 2015, she started "Moments with Crystal," a powerful vlog that resonated with viewers worldwide, encouraging them to pursue faith and passion. A life-changing car accident in 2016 shook her faith but also ignited a desire to help women overcome adversity.

In 2018, Crystal founded Unbroken LLC to empower women. Through motivational speaking, life coaching, and teachings on self-transformation, she guides women to discover their purpose and become the best versions of themselves. Crystal, known as the Empowerment Ambassador, seeks to teach every woman how to live their best life now. Join her on this transformative journey of embracing resilience and finding strength in the face of challenges.

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